Private Equity Forum November

Private Equity Forum

Thursday 7th November | 10:00 - 12:00 | 2 CPD Hours



Private equity funds have characteristics such as: 


  • Portfolios are highly differentiated from listed equity indices;
  • The funds' managers have a high degree of transparency and control of invested companies.
  • They give exposure to a wider universe of companies than the ever dwindling pool of listed equities;

In 1996 there were 8,000 publicly listed companies in the USA; but there were only 4,000 in 2016.


Companies now don’t need to access stock markets to get capital to grow. 


Ever more stringent listing requirements mean companies are often hostage to quarterly results targets and CEOs driven by short term share price rise, leading to a high turnover of CEOs. 

For investors who only use funds, Private Equity does not exist in the daily-dealing open-ended fund universe, due to the illiquid nature of the underlying assets.  

Using private equity funds structured as closed-ended investment companies (aka Investment Trusts), which are themselves listed on the London Stock Exchange, offers investors ways to invest in this alternative asset class.

Private Equity funds are of 2 main types:  


  • Invest directly in underlying private companies, 
  • Investing in funds, aka “funds of funds”.
The latter approach can be into funds all run by the same manager “tied funds of funds” if you like, or in funds run by other managers “unfettered fofs” or “third party funds”.

Or of course a mixture of any or all of the above.

In this conference you will hear from managers of some of these different types of funds, in all of which you can invest to get exposure to this asset class.

Speakers include:
Alan Gauld, Senior Investment Director, Global Private Market Solutions, Patria
This conference is suitable for IFAs, Family Offices, Stockbrokers and Wealth Managers and is free-to-attend for employees of regulated investment firms.

Qualifies for 2 hours CPD.

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