Fundamentals of Risk Control in Banks Webinar

Seminar Overview


Explore in this Risk Control course the major risks a bank faces while carrying out its business and the corresponding risk control frameworks and regulatory capital treatments.

How are the risks faced by a bank different from the risks faced by other types of companies? More intriguingly, both a bank and an investor face market risk and credit risk; so, is a bank like an investor? Is the business of a bank taking large bets about the markets? These questions highlight the need to understand the business of a bank in order to understand the nature of the risks it faces. Risk control starts with the construction of a control framework which is aligned to the risk concerned; so how do the frameworks for the various risks look like? What are their commonalities and differences? What are the regulatory capital treatments for these risks? By answering these questions, this class provides a holistic view of risk control in a bank and at the same time overviews of the various risk disciplines.

This Risk Control course aims to foster an understanding of the risks a bank faces and the importance of protecting the capital of the bank by applying the appropriate risk control frameworks to align the bank’s risk-taking activity with its capacity to take risk

  • Learn in this class the control frameworks for credit, market, operational, funding and liquidity risks, especially the measurement of these risks
  • Learn in this class how these risks contribute to risk weighted assets in regulatory capital treatment



The following topics will be covered:


  • Primary risk
  • Credit risk
  • Exposure at default
  • Loss given default
  • Market risk
  • Stress testing
  • Operational risk
  • Funding and liquidity risk
  • Net stable funding ratio
  • Risk weighted assets
  • Leverage ratio
  • Consequential risk
  • Expected loss
  • Default probabilities
  • Ratings
  • Value at risk
  • Issuer risk
  • Trade life cycle
  • Liquidity coverage ratio
  • Firm wide risk
  • CET1
  • Capital ratio


Who should attend?


  • This Risk Control course is essential for risk control professionals to gain a holistic view of the risk control function and the overview of the individual risk disciplines
  • This Risk Control course is useful for financial market professionals in a bank such as people in lending or financing, salespeople and traders to gain an understanding of the considerations in relation to risks in structuring their businesses
  • Professionals in other support functions such as operations, technology and financial controls of banks as their work is often intertwined with the risk control function, especially in relation to operational risk
  • New joiners to the banking industry
  • *Pre-requisite: Participants do not need to have any pre-knowledge in the subject; though some understanding how financial markets operate will be helpful



A CPD certificate will be provided to all attendees, which may be considered appropriate by your company for the accrual of CPD hours. 


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Training and Venue Information

CPD Authorised Yes
Event Date 04-06-2020
Event End Date 04-06-2020
Event Time 14:00 - 16:00
Price £99.00
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