securities industry conference 2011

Friday 7th October 09:00 - 15:00

Royal Bank of Scotland Auditorium, Bishopsgate

Chaired by Daisy McAndrew, Economics Editor, ITV News

Nine industry speakers represented all segments of the marketplace. To kick off the Conference, peterevans, a leading systems supplier, providing all delegates with electronic voting devices. The majority audience vote suggested:

  • Outsourcing does not stifle product and service innovation
  • In-house hosting and development costs were un-predictable
  • Size is not important when it comes to system selection  
  • Old systems are being tolerated as migration is too costly or risky. 

Both Chris Bates, Partner at Clifford Chance LLP and Anthony Calabrese, Senior Manager at Ernst & Young LLP, discussed different aspects of the Regulatory

Framework. Chris focused on regulation from a global perspective whilst Anthony discussed the implications of FATCA and the cost impact of ensuring firms are complying.

Ian Blance, Head of Evaluated Pricing Business Development at SIX Telekurs, discussed the pressures from the Credit Crisis on Securities Valuations and forthcoming expectations.

Paul Tustain, CEO of BullionVault, explained why we should all invest in Gold using risk based valuation and inflation profiles. In addition, Alan Thomas, CEO of the Xtra Market, highlighted to delegates the risks and benefits of investing in companies going through stressful situations.

Erin Davis, Senior Stock Analyst at Morningstar, provided a detailed report on the state of European Banks and whether or not they have enough Capital and Liquidity. Erin highlighted the European Banks that are of most concern at the present time.

Delegates were provided with an explanation of why City Firms need PR by Charles Cook, Senior Partner at Attila Consultants.

Tony Spain, Manger at Penson Financial Services, described the future drivers of back office outsourcing and the potential of outsourced clearing in Europe.

The Conference closed with a fascinating description of future global economic risks by Brian Lawson, Chief Global Economist at Exclusive Analysis. Brian shared his outlook for the Eurozone, the US economic problems and his predictions for political instability in the Middle East and North Africa Regions.