Systems In The City Awards 2006

At a presentation at The Royal Bank of Scotland Auditorium in London today, John Motson, the BBC’s chief sports commentator, announced this year’s winners of the Securities Industry Awards.


The winners were:


Company Awards
Best New Development: Boot Computers
Best Institutional Settlement System: ADP
Best Retail Settlement System: OMX
Superior Customer Service: Peter Evans
Best Securities Clearing Service: OMX
Most Effective Outsourcing Support: ADP
Best Information Display System: Fidessa
Best Marketing Material: Peter Evans
Best Website: MBA Systems
Most Cost Effective System: Rhyme Systems
Systems Innovation: Rhyme Systems
Best Wealth Management System: Pulse


Individual Awards
The TD Waterhouse Award for: Lyndsey McAvoy Proquote
Sales Executive of the Year: Angie Walker Fidessa
Highest Rated CEO: Mike Foley Peter Evans