Systems In The City Awards 2007

At a presentation in front of 200 Stockbrokers, Fund Managers and Investment Banks at The House of Lords yesterday evening, Baroness Goudie of Roundwood announced this year’s winners of the Systems in the City Awards.

The event was exclusively sponsored by CMC Markets.


The winners were:


Company Awards

Best New Development: Pulse Software Systems
Best Institutional Settlement System: Broadridge Financial Solutions
Best Retail Settlement System: Peter Evans
Superior Customer Service: Rhyme Systems
Best Securities Clearing Service: BNP Paribas Securities Service
Most Effective Outsourcing Support: MBA Systems
Best Information Display System: Fidessa
Best Marketing Material: Peter Evans
Best Website: MBA Systems
Most Cost Effective System: Peter Evans
Best Wealth Management System: Pulse Software Systems


Individual Awards
The TD Waterhouse Award for Exceptional Customer Service: Lyndsey McAvoy Proquote
Sales Executive of the Year: Mark Dunstan Broadridge Financial Solutions
Highest Rated CEO: Dr Mike Foley Peter Evans
Best Newcomer Kellie Green Fidessa