Systems In The City Awards 2010

At a presentation in front of Stockbrokers, Fund Managers and Investment Banks on board HQS Wellington, Stephen Pinner, the Managing Director of Goodacre UK, announced this year’s winners of the Systems in the City Awards.

John Motson and Phil Cornwell presented the winners with their respective Awards. In addition, Stephen Pinner presented Peter Evans with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Mr. Evans founded peterevans in 1984 and the Company has expanded to become one of the leading front to back office systems vendors currently working in the financial arena.

The Awards are determined by the number of votes cast which were subsequently verified by an independent panel of judges.


The winners were:


Company Awards
Best Corporate Action & Reference Data Provider: Interactive Data
Best Data Feed provider: Interactive Data
Best Data Innovation Award: AVOX
Best Information Display System: Proquote Limited
Best Custody System: peterevans
Best Clearing Service: TD Waterhouse Corporate Services
Best Marketing Material: 3i Infotech
Best Institutional Settlement System: Broadridge Financial Solutions
Best New Development: Calastone
Best Retail Settlement System: JHC - FIGARO
Best Wealth Management System: Pulse Software Systems
Best Website Development: MBA Systems
Most Comprehensive Solution: Thomson Reuters BETA Global
Most Cost Effective Solution: JHC
Most Effective Outsourcing Support: BNP Paribas Securities Service
SIMA Award for Best Newcomer: Calastone
Superior Customer Service: 3i Infotech


Individual Awards
Sales Executive of the Year: Shaun Crowley of Pershing Limited
Highest Rated CEO: Steve Tucker of Thomson Reuters BETA Global
APCIMS Awards for Exceptional Customer Service: Sara Smith of peterevans
Lifetime Achievement Award: Peter Evans of peterevans