Wealth Management 2021

With the dust from Brexit starting to settle and plans being laid for a reopening after COVID 19; what now for the asset and wealth management industry? Have these two events shifted the tectonic plates of the sector, or, in six months’ time will we be back to an “old” normal of industry consolidation, implementation of the next regulatory change, continuing the good fight for cost reduction and making more effective use of technology? 

In partnership with cashfac.com, Goodacre is conducting research into the sector and securing views and input from those in the business. The project will run for two months and all firms in the sector from the UK – or planning to operate in the UK - are invited to take part. The report will provide participants and the media with an accurate and informed assessment of the UK asset and wealth management industry from those in the know.  

Information provided generally will not be directly attributed to subscribers and the resulting report and conference will present the output in a collective manner. Where comments are made which may be considered useful to the subsequent report, subscribers will be asked for their permission for these to be included. All subscribers will receive a summary of the findings and be invited to an exclusive webinar presenting the report’s key findings.

The report will be based on short interviews based around the following questions but we will also be accepting online submissions.

Consultation Questionnaire

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About Cashfac

Cashfac is a global leader in cash management solutions for the asset and wealth management industry. Their cash management and banking platform is the world’s most deployed virtual accounts solution, used by organisations across the global financial services sector from private banks and asset managers to smaller SIPP and pension administrators.

Cashfac’s products help these financial institutions deliver real-time intraday payments clearance and settlement of trades,ensuring improved productivity, greater risk management,automation, control over their critical cash management operations and compliance with Client Money (CASS 7) regulations. Their platform is designed to be the cash and accounting hub sitting at the centre of your systems stack bringing them all together to create a complete control regime which is fully integrated with your bank’s records, virtually eliminating the need for reconciliation.

Cashfac helps asset and wealth managers significantly and rapidly improve their operational efficiency and augment the service offered to their clients, while also improving client money compliance, risk monitoring and accounting without requiring a wholesale replacement of legacy systems.

  • Regulated Open Banking provider.
  • FCA registered as an AISP and PISP.
  • Deployed to over 700 organisations of various size and sector.
  • Multi-bank agnostic solution.
  • Work with a range of NBFIs including asset managers, pension providers and property managers.

How Cashfac helps asset managers

  • Realtime intraday clearance and settlement.
  • Full cash platform including payment initiation.
  • Integrating with other systems, includingdealing, SIPP administration, custody, onboarding to deliver a “best-of-breed” investment platform.
  • Delivering the highest level of Client Money (CASS 7) compliance.
  • Significantly and speedily enhancing service offerings and delivering better customer service.
  • Enterprise solutions tailored to the company’s individual sector.
  • Achieving productivity gains without having to replace legacy systems.
  • Gain advantages of real bank accounts through a self-serve virtual account experience.
  • Rapidly open virtual accounts.
  • Monitoring risk and operational accounting.
  • Maximise returns on cash-effective treasury management.
  • Improve governance and risk management.
  • Improve operational efficiencies.